Costa Rica Real Estate For Sale

Costa Rica Real Estate is ripe with real estate agents and real estate companies fighting for your hard earned money. It's amazing to me to see almost daily a new real estate sign go up in my neighborhood advertising services as a professional Costa Rica Real Estate agency. Most of these characters have sold one or two properties in their entire life - their uncle's farm to their best friend. Now they are know-it-all real estate pros capable of providing quality real estate services to the unsuspecting buyer. It's important to choose wisely the real estate agent who will guide you through the ups and downs of Costa Rican ways of buying and owning real estate in Costa Rica.

Since there is no licensing of real estate agents in Costa Rico, there is no central organization that all costa Rican agents are members of. It's wild west here when buying real estate for investment or retirement. Advertising claims are outrageous: "the first, the best, the finest, the only, member of, etc". Prices and marketing is glitzy or non existent.

It is important when choosing a real estate agent in costa Rica that you pick an honest reputable individual who has a proven track record. Someone you will hear good things about from his neighbors in the community where he works his trade. If you cannot ask around about your prospective sales agent and get good positive feedback, best to stay away from that sales agent.

I will not publish the names of notorious liars in the real estate business, as that would take the fun out of the game - I highly recommend that you look very closely at the person offering to be your real estate agent as the most convincingly honest sales reps are almost always excellent confidence scamsters. Agents who will sell a property that cannot be built on because of some obscure law that is not revealed to the unsuspecting buyer. Or property that has serious noise issues, like when the Disco cranks up it's sound level for Saturday Night boogie. Or property whose true value is $10,000 that the agent has marked up to $50,000 pocketing the difference.

I recommend Costa Rica real estate agents who are my friends, my companions, and who do their best to provide professional real estate service in Costa Rica. TRhe astute web visitor will realize that this web site provides links to agents, as well as links provided by advertising sources that I have no control over (Google Ads) but do earn a small income from allowing these advertisements to be placed upon my web site. Follow the links on this web site to quality real estate services.

And remember the best real estate agents in Costa Rica work for you!

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