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Life in Costa Rica can be a thrilling ride full of orgasmic delights and insane stupidity. When I first came to Costa Rica, I was innocent, free of the knowledge of San Jose nightlife, ignorant of the ease at which a beautiful young girl would fall in love with fat old balding gringos, weightless to the knowledge of the unemployed actors working as carpenters, truck drivers and even real estate agents!

No discussion of Costa Rica would be complete without talking about the extremely poorly designed and very dangerous state of the nations road system. The roads are built too narrow, with absolutely no room for two buses or trucks to pass each other without one of them dropping a wheel off the pavement. Room for pedestrians? Forget it. Walk or bicycle on these roads at your own risk. Driving in Costa Rica is more of an adventure then most old farts are interested in, so many just stay in San Jose or fly to the beach. Why drive when you can be cuddled up with your woman?

When I first moved to Costa Rica I was an avid bicyclist, but after being hit several times by truck mirrors on mountain roads, I moved up to a motorcycle so I don't have to let anybody pass me! Most roads in Costa Rica started as ox carts then were travelled by Land Rovers and Toyotas. Road engineering is still an infant science in Costa Rica. I see teenagers with theodalites surveying rock mounds called mountain passes. When i have stopped and talked with them i am informed that this 'engineer' is readying the road for pavement. Well, i believe it when i see it.

A recent study on corruption finds that Costa Rica, like most nations, is plagued with corruption. It is apparent to this observer that the entire world is corrupt, which leads one to believe that the ruling elite are a world wide mafia group hiding behind a veil of goodness and charitablity while enslaving the working people of the world. I find the corruption in Costa Rica only slightly annoying, certainly less then the high level criminal enterprise which runs the modern world that i came from. Here the middle class finds success moving thru the maze of red tape with a small gift here and there properly lubricating the government buracracy to do that which it should do without the extra squeeze.

It is the laid back nature of the Tico that allows this life to continue without complaint. Standing inline seems to be a past-time of Costa Ricans as most every business has 'take a number' and chairs to sit in while waiting to be attended upon. I have become used to lines and try to maintain happiness at all times by reading a good book or talking to a beautiful woman. Flirting seems to be the number one activity of all Costa Rican males and females.

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